nGimat Co., a Georgia corporation, and nGimat LLC, a Kentucky limited liability company, will formally merge into one new entity, Engi-Mat Co., a Delaware corporation, on January 1, 2019. Upon the merger, the Georgia entity and the Kentucky entity will no longer exist. The move is intended to simplify administration and filing obligations as well as improve name recognition. Shareholders approved the move in December of 2018.

Engi-Mat’s CEO, Brian Mackey, commented, “Since 2010, we’ve operated as two companies, nGimat Co. in Georgia and its wholly owned subsidiary, nGimat LLC in Kentucky. As of mid-2018, we no longer have a physical presence in Georgia, so the timing was right to simplify our corporate structure and to lever the well-established Delaware corporate law and governance. Once we began the process, we realized that it was also a good opportunity to clarify the company name at the same time.”

The pronunciation of the company name remains the same, “engi-mat” as in “engineered materials”. The new spelling of the company name draws a closer link between the spoken name and the written name. Mackey added, “We realized that the name wasn’t always clear to new customers. Sometimes the reader couldn’t get from ‘n-g-i-m-a-t’ to ‘engi-mat’, and we didn’t want to have an obstacle to name recognition. Engineered materials and nanotechnology are what we do, and our expertise, strategy, resources and focus remain the same.”