High-Performance NanoPARTICLES

Engi-Mat provides high-performing, high-volume production of advanced nanomaterials. At the heart of Engi-Mat’s nanopowder production is our proprietary Nanomiser® device, which is an innovative liquid atomizer that can produce an aerosol controlled size, resulting in nanoparticles customized to meet the demanding specifications of our customers. The ability to produce small-size droplets with narrow size distribution is of critical importance in our process, where precursor solutions are converted to an ultra-fine aerosol that is efficiently combusted into a flame.

Standard and Custom Nanopowders

Engi-Mat’s proprietary process enables cost-effective production of the highest-performing nanoparticles. We provide a diverse set of customers with volume quantities of nanoparticles for a broad set of applications, including packaging, industrial sensors, cosmetics, fuel cells, DoD applications and superconducting wire. Additionally we can provide custom materials that are carefully tailored to satisfy challenging product specifications.

Engi-Mat offers dozens of High-performance Products Including:

  • Binary Metal Oxides
  • Complex Metal Oxides
  • Doped Metal Oxides
  • Phosphates/Silicates
  • Metals

Engi-Mat’s strong internal analytical capabilities include XRD, XRF, BET and ICP.

Engi-Mat’s proprietary process enables control of particle properties to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Typical characteristics:

  • 5 to >240 m2/g average surface area
  • 10 to 200 nm primary particle size

Quality Management System

Engi-Mat’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design and production of high-performance powders.