Engi-Mat’s proprietary process enables development and production of high-performance nanoparticles for challenging applications

Engineered Materials

Engi-Mat successfully develops unique solutions for its customers through the application of its nanomaterials and materials science expertise.

Developing Advanced Materials Solutions For Challenging Applications

Engi-Mat is a privately owned developer and manufacturer of nano-engineered materials, with the demonstrated capability to create advanced materials solutions for its customers. Engi-Mat is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the design and production of nanopowders.

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Engi-Mat’s Marvite Materials Earn R&D 100 Award

Engi-Mat’s Marvite Materials Earn R&D 100 Award

R&D 100 Award bears a mark of excellence known throughout industry, government, and academia as proof of the most innovative ideas of the times. For the full list of 2019 awardees, visit With funding from...

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